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As the highest-volume robotic general and colorectal surgeon in Southern California, Dr. Schultzel specializes in surgically removing large masses with very small incisions. The result? Quicker recovery, decreased pain, and improved cosmetic outcome. While Dr. Matthew Schultzel’s area of expertise is minimally invasive colorectal surgery, his passion for treating the whole patient is what sets him apart. With a concierge-style practice that prioritizes compassionate, personalized care, it is also the only one in San Diego that provides the combined skills of a specialty surgeon and a gastroenterologist. Read more.

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The Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) accredits top medical professionals on the basis of patient experience, safety, and effectiveness of care. Learn more about SRC.

Our Services

Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess offer services to treat a wide range of conditions.

Colorectal Cancer Treatment»

Dr. Schultzel is pleased to offer the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for treating colorectal cancer. With the usage of both robotics and advanced laparoscopics; including the single incision technique, Dr. Schultzel is able to achieve superior outcomes. Learn more about colorectal cancer and how we treat it.

Colorectal Surgery»

Dr. Schultzel is pleased to offer a wide range of treatment options for patients with colon and rectal diseases. He has a specialty focus in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery, Single Incision Laparoscopic, Robotic, and traditional Laparoscopic Surgery. Dr. Schultzel has had specialty training for the most complex colon and rectal issues.

Hemorrhoid Treatment»

Dr. Schultzel is proud to offer advanced approaches to the treatment of hemorrhoids and conditions of the anus. Using techniques both in the office and in the operating room, Dr. Schultzel has created a center for hemorrhoid treatment as well as other conditions in the anal canal. He offers non-surgical therapy with rubber band ligation, which allows patients a nearly pain free treatment of their hemorrhoids. Learn more.


Dr. Schultzel is proud to offer colonoscopy to our patients. As a high risk colon cancer patient who requires frequent screening, Dr. Schultzel recognizes the important of proper screening and is empathetic to his patients regarding the procedure. Learn more about colonoscopies here.

Hernia Repair»

For patients experience abdominal wall hernia or inguinal hernias, Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess employ robotic techniques to repair these hernias. Dr. Schultzel is one of the highest volume robotic surgeons in San Diego county. He has performed hundreds of hernia operations with patients describing decreased pain, faster return to work and recreation, and decreased rates of hernia recurrence. Dr. Schultzel is proud to bring this approach to the community of San Diego. Learn more.

Gallbladder Removal»

Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess are pleased to offer the most advanced technology to treat diseases of the gallbladder. Both surgeons also offer Single Incision Robotic Surgery to patients and are the only surgeons in San Diego County/Riverside County who officer this technique. Read more about gallbladder surgery and the advanced techniques here.


Dr. Schultzel and Dr. Burgess oversee in-house procedures for cosmetic treatments. See more here.

ACS Top Surgical Oncologist in San Diego, 2019

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